Funeral Costs to Compare

Serving the Community since 1950

No Two Funerals are the Same

And no two Funeral Directors are the same either. At Alex McCleary, our prices included many of the funeral elements that other providers add on as extras.

Professional Services

Meetings to provide expert support, advice and guidance 24 hours a day. Comprehensive arrangements to include all administration required with local authorities and other professional personnel. Funeral Directors attendance and all other necessary staff.

Local Service and Burial £1270.00
Direct to crematorium (Ayr or Dumfries) £1270.00
Local service and cremation (Ayr or Dumfries) £1295.00

Provision of all staff, equipment and suitable vehicle for the conveyance of deceased from place of death into our care.

During office hours (priced within 15 miles) £165.00
Out with office hours (priced within 15 miles) £295.00
Stranraer Removal £175.00
Dumfries Removal £235.00
Provision of all staff and necessary equipment, for preparation and coffining of deceased, dressing in own clothes or robe, care of the deceased in an appropriate environment until day of funeral, viewing included if desired £295.00

Supply of modern black Volvo Hearse for the day of the funeral.

Within 15 Miles £395.00
Ayr or Dumfries £495.00

Coffin Selection

FLAT LID light colour with real oak veneer, gold handles and nameplate          £450.00
RAISED LID medium colour with real oak veneer, gold handles and nameplate £550.00
SOLID OAK medium colour with raised lid, deep panelled sides, gold handles and nameplate £1200.00
WICKER £850.00

Additional Services

Service at St Andrews Chapel of Rest £200.00

Supply of modern silver Jaguar XJ limousine or saloon for the day of the funeral.

Within 15 Miles £195.00
Ayr or Dumfries £295.00

Second Removal

During Office Hours £120.00
Out with Office Hours £175.00
Additional mileage (over 15 miles) per mile    £1.50
Embalming £140.00


Fees paid on your behalf known as disbursements are in addition to the above charges.

All funeral directors are legally required to publish this Price List for a standardised set of products and services.

This is to help you think through your options and make choices, and to let you compare prices between different funeral directors (because prices can vary).

Please Download our Standardised Price List